DORCHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Dozens of Dorchester County’s rescue workers are spending the week honing their skills during training on the Edisto River.

Rescue crews spent a portion of the day Tuesday practicing getting their boats into the water and took part in a scenario where they helped a victim during a swift water rescue mission.

“We have two main rivers in the county as well as ponds, rivers, pools. It’s good for everybody to have a good knowledge of it,” said Captain Bryson Jeffords with Dorchester County Fire and Rescue.

He added, “We’re focusing on scene structure. What happens when we first get on scene and more and more people come on scene. And we’re gonna be working on throwback rescue.”

About 80 full-time employees, plus volunteers are participating in the training this week.

Dorchester County’s Marine Team does rescue training every month and the full department does training like this at least twice a year.

“If they come on scene, what’s going to be happening and they need to get information and how they can assist the marine division with rescue,” explained Capt. Jeffords of the training efforts.

Rescue crews will be training on the Edisto and Ashley rivers again Wednesday.