ST. GEORGE, S.C. (WCBD) – A new urgent care center could soon provide medical services for people living and working in St. George.

Dorchester County Council on Monday night will discuss a new medical facility to serve a need for medical care in the northern part of the county.

“People in this area are so excited because, right now, they have to go as far as Walterboro [or] Summerville to get assistance, and that’s just too far when you are having emergencies,” said Dorchester County Councilwoman Harriet Holman.

County Council is expected to vote on a $2.5 million renovation of the old women’s detention center in St. George. They said $1 million will come from a federal USDA grant while the other $1.5 million will be paid for by Dorchester County.

Several services would be provided at the new urgent care center.

“We’ll have CT scans, MRIs, lab work, x-rays, and we’ll also have a pharmacy. And one thing we’re gonna have and make sure of is that COVID testing is needed, we’ll have a location to do that.”

This facility will not be a full Emergency Room, but it will help with other more minor medical emergencies.

“We have a lot of kids that play sports and so when you’re on the field and someone gets injured, you have to drive so far to get some help. Somebody gets a broken arm or falls and gets a scrape and they go so far for some assistance- that won’t be the case the next time the kids go on the baseball field or the football field or the tennis court.”

The new urgent care center in St. George could be open for business in early 2024.