SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCBD) – An investigation is underway after two dogs were found in critical condition with embedded chains and collars around their necks.

One-year-old terrier mixes Davina and Duvet were found in unsustainable living conditions, chained up outside, malnourished and dehydrated.

“Their water was completely disgusting. There was no food in sight and their shelter was barely a shelter to live in,” says Danielle Zuck, the Marketing & Development Director at Dorchester Paws.

Zuck says both dogs were found with embedded collars around their neck, but in Davina’s case she had an embedded chain around her neck and the shelter rushed her to Charleston Animal Society for help.

“This chain was growing around her neck. Her skin was growing around the chain for an unprecedented amount of time. We’re not sure how long,” she says.

Zuck says Dorchester Paws sees dozens of animal cruelty cases a year, especially in the summer season with people leaving their pets outside.

“With the heat, thunderstorms, and the weird weather patterns that we have been seeing it is more frequent. It is crucial if you see something you say something to authorities,” she says.

The two dogs are now happy and healthy, awaiting a new home soon. Zuck says it’s important moving forward for people to speak up for animals suffering in cases like Davina’s.

“She is a beautiful and loving soul. She didn’t almost have that ability to be a dog. Right now, what we need people to do is join forces to help put animal cruelty to bed, once and for all,” says Zuck.

Dorchester County Animal Control is investigating.