Dorchester County shifting some road work money to help with traffic in St. George as industry grows

Dorchester County News

DORCHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Dorchester County is making a change to some road project funding.

Officials say that they are shifting some road project funding to help pay for improvements in areas expecting economic growth. 

A request was submitted to the state, by officials, to re-allocate over $3 million that was originally intended for road work in Ridgeville to now be used on roads near the Winding Woods Industrial Complex in St. George.

This improvement would allow larger trucks to bypass towns like St. George as industry continues to grow in that area. 

“With progress comes traffic. We want to be able to make the improvements around winding woods and around Ridgeville as well so that our residents and those that are traveling along 78 will still be able to share the roads,” said Jason Ward, Dorchester County Administrator. 

The state grant was originally intended for a lane widening project on Highway 27 but the county says the Volvo Interchange should relieve some of the traffic on Highway 27 when it’s completed. 

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