DORCHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Emergency management officials in Dorchester County have come up with a creative way to ensure you are prepared for a possible hurricane.

Dorchester County Emergency Management said they have been preparing for the upcoming season by making sure they have enough supplies needed to respond in the event of a hurricane or tropical system.

To encourage residents also prepare, the county will unveil something new at its hurricane expo on June 4 – a new brew.

“We’re happy to announce we have an exciting new way to promote ‘No Your Zone’ campaign and hurricane preparedness in general. We’re actually partnering with Tradesmen Brewing Company to create a hurricane seasonal beer,” said David Amann, Preparedness and Recovery Specialist. “It’s going be used not only to advertise hurricane preparedness in general, but it’s also just an exciting way for the information to get out there.”

The beer will have a QR code to help you create a hurricane plan and find your evacuation zones.

Thomas McNeal, Dorchester County’s emergency management director, is also encouraging every family to have an all-hazards NOAA weather radio on hand.

“There’s no faster way to receive the information on the actual events that are occurring as they are occurring. Mother’s Day is coming up. It makes a fantastic gift for that mother who has everything,” he said.

The county’s hurricane expo will take place Saturday, June 4.