DORCHESTER, S.C. (WCBD) – Dorchester Paws put out an urgent plea for fosters Friday as the shelter is well over capacity.

The shelter has taken in 268 animals just since December 1, putting it “well over the threshold of capacity for humane care.”

Shelter workers think that many of the animals could be people’s pets. Over 20 animals are currently on microchip holds, meaning they must stay at the shelter for 14 days while employees work to locate their owners.

To try and get some animals into homes, Dorchester Paws is offering $25 adoption fees and waiving reclaim fees for people that need to pick up lost pets.

The most urgent foster need is for four highly-stressed dogs that Dorchester Paws said “need out of the shelter immediately.”

Dorchester Paws provided the following descriptions of the dogs:

1. Oatmeal Raisin

He has been in a foster home once before & his fosters described him as affectionate and well-trained. However, he is back at the shelter and is dealing with the stress of the environment poorly. His only way out of this cycle of stress is to find a foster willing to be his ambassador until he finds his forever home!

2.  Ronnie 

Ronnie has also been in foster and benefited greatly from it! He loves to be active and play. But within a short time, his stress has risen to high levels. He has started obsessive behaviors and WILL get worse the longer he stays in the shelter environment. He would need a foster dedicated to getting active with him and playing with him! Ronnie needs a home so he can “be a dog” again.

3. Biscoff

Biscoff would love nothing more than eating cookies (like his name suggests) and laying around your house! Biscoff had an injury that came to the point where he will need surgery to repair his knees. Biscoff needs to lay low until his surgery date. Can you give him the rest he needs?

4. Roger

Roger is also in need of medical surgery to repair his fractured femur. Roger would love to take it easy with you! He enjoys cuddles, kisses, & treats! He would need daily pain medication, short leash walks for bathroom breaks, and no running or jumping! Can you give him a relaxed home to rest?

Anyone interested in fostering can visit the shelter any day between 12:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. or email