DORCHESTER, S.C. (WCBD) – A paralyzed dog is finally getting the specialized care he needs thanks to the efforts of a Lowcountry nonprofit and community support.

Lenny, a stray dog, was found on the side of the road August 29 after presumably being hit by a car. When he was found, his hind legs did not work and he was bleeding from his mouth.

Lenny was taken to Dorchester Paws, where staff worked to help him recover. However, they quickly realized that Lenny’s injuries were more complicated than originally thought. X-rays showed no fractures, yet he remained unable to move his back legs.

Staff began looking for a rescue that could provide more specialized medical recovery and support for Lenny, noting that “he was growing up fast and it was of utmost importance to get him into the right care so that his healing process wasn’t hindered.”

They finally found Erie Humane Society in Pennsylvania, which offered to take Lenny in.

After multiple rescheduled flights due to Hurricane Ian, staff flew Lenny to Pennsylvania on Wednesday.

The flight was made possible by community donations and a volunteer pilot from Coastal City Aviation.

Lenny was greeted by his new family, who Dorchester Paws said was eager to get Lenny started on his road to recovery.