Getting to know Summerville’s 2020 Officer of the Year

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SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCBD) – The 2020 Summerville Police Officer of the Year has been announced; we talked with her about the busy year and how she spends time in the uniform.

The recipient also works as a school resource officer at Oakbrook Middle School.

PFC Jasmine Deese recalled helping an older gentleman last March during an investigation when he needed some groceries.

“I was sitting there talking to him and was like ‘can you get this out my cabinet,’ and there was nothing in there. I said, “do you need food?” He’s like, ‘I could use it, but I don’t have the money.’ So, me [sic] and another officer actually went to Harris Teeter.”

Then, on April 22nd, “One of our student’s mom found out she had a tumor in her brain,” she explained. So, PFC. Lipsey with Summerville PD purchased a Chrome laptop for the family. Dese and Lipsey purchased a gift card for the mom as well.

On Mother’s Day, Deese learned another Oakbrook student had run away. “She was like he still hasn’t come home, and it’s Mother’s Day – she was really upset. So, me [sic] and another officer went to Harris Teeter and bought her flowers, balloons, a card – she was emotional. I actually talked her son into coming home over the phone, and he came home.”

In June, the child of a single mother couldn’t afford summer school. “I said if you’re willing to change- if you want to do better, let’s make it happen,” she said.

PFC. Deese said she worked overtime to pay his summer school fees.

“A lot of off-duty at work. I was like I’m going to make it happen, it doesn’t really matter if I have to use my savings, I’ll make it happen,” she recalled.

The student is now doing much better in school.

“I love making people smile,” said Deese. “Making people feel like they’re worth what they think they are. I’d rather give back than receive.”

PFC. Deese was recently named Summerville’s Police Officer of the Year.

“I love working with kids. I love being the difference. They’re like ‘oh, I hate the police.’ I’m like why do you hate us? And it turns around to ‘Officer Deese I want to come sit in your office for lunch.’ I love being able to impact kids; the image we have nowadays, kids are just following along with saying we don’t like them. And knowing that I can change that, I love it.”

Officer Deese said that becoming a police officer is one of the best decisions she ever made.

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