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SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCBD) – If you are looking to rent a wedding venue, vacation and or an apartment, you might expect to put down a deposit.

Last week, a woman says that she did not get her deposit back after a damaged door was discovered by the property managers of the venue.

On July 25th, Latisha Simmons and her husband were wed at The Clubhouse at King’s Grant in Summerville.

Following the wedding, the newly wed couple and their group of family and friends had cleaned up the area where their celebration too place.

She tells News 2 that after cleaning up, she had inquired about getting her deposit back.

In response, the woman whom she had rented from informed her that they would be keeping the deposit.

“I called her and asked her what are the steps to getting our deposit back. She said, “Well the building is immaculate, however, there’s an issue.” I asked what the issue was and she told me that there was damage to the back door. My friends and family looked at each other confused. We had just left and there was no damage to the building,” says Latisha Simmons.

Following the incident, Latisha had sent a video of the clean venue to the property managers.

Despite the recorded walk through, she was unable to get her $200 deposit back.

The company had informed her that the quality of the video was too poor for them to notice the damage to the door.

Property managers say that taking photos before and after an event helps to prevent this sort of issue.

They also recommend doing a walk around checkout with the individual you are renting from.

“Having a check out procedure and walking through the space with somebody when you’re turning is important. Once you leave, you are then leaving the spot unsecured until the next person arrives. Incidents can happen over night,” says ,” says Michael Scarafile, President of Carolina One Real Estate Services.

Individuals renting property are advised to carefully examine the venue they are interested in renting and to be mindful of damage from previous customers.

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