RIDGEVILLE, S.C. (WCBD) – Dorchester County community leaders, parents, and residents met to debate the pros and cons of combining Dorchester School District Two (DD2) and Dorchester School District Four (DD4).

“What I see in this merger for the kids is a great opportunity and great prospects for their future. That is why I am for this merger,” says one DD4 parent.

“This is very important for what’s best for children. We need to talk about diversity and about structure,” says Louis Smith, who is against the consolidation.

State representatives say there is no discussion about a consolidation ever happening.

“We haven’t even discussed any kind of merging between DD2 and DD4. I don’t see why it’s needed,” says State Rep. Joseph H. Jefferson, District 102.

Rep. Jefferson says the only way merging the districts together would happen is if the grades are too low in DD4 schools or through a vote at the state level.

“DD4 is doing a fantastic job. The student’s grades are up so we don’t see the need to merge,” says Rep. Jefferson.

DD2 board member Justin Farnsworth says he wants a decision that is the best outcome for the education of children from both districts. Whether that is consolidating them together or not.

“It’s all about what benefits kids. If it ends up and it is a positive for kids in DD2 and DD4, I’m all about it,” says Farnsworth.

Rep. Jefferson says as Dorchester County continues to grow, the community should expect change eventually.

“It’s going to come. Everyone loves South Carolina, so we got to change with the times. We are going to have to build more schools,” says Jefferson.

News 2 has reached out to DD4 for a comment regarding the consolidation, but we have not heard back.