Harleyville area residents concerned about impacts from dirt pit

Dorchester County News

Some residents living in the Harleyville area have recently begun seeing several large dump trucks hauling loads of dirt out of a quarry near First Bend Road and they say the trucks have been negatively impacting their quality of life.

“We can’t open our windows. It’s just too much dust and too much dirt,” said one local resident who wished to remain anonymous. “Our main concern is the disregard for the people that live here.”

They say the trucks began hauling the dirt about a month ago.

Some are concerned about the fact that trucks may continue operating for a year or more and wonder about their possible impacts on local roads.

“These roads are not designed for dump trucks,” the resident said.

Several people living in the area said they have seen numerous potholes on First Bend Road lately and have seen SCDOT come out several times to fill the potholes.

The South Carolina State Transport Police have also patrolled the area in response to a compliant about the dump trucks.

“During the times that we patrolled the area, traffic and size and weight enforcement was conducted, however, no traffic violations were observed and the trucks that were weighed were within the legal weight limits. We have not written any citations in regards to this complaint,” said Sergeant L.T. Catoe.

Residents say they want the dirt pit operators and truck drivers to be more conscious of homeowners in the area.

“Be respectful of the homes that you have to pass. If they do that, life would be grand.”

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