DORCHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – As severe weather and a wave of extreme heat sweep across the country, Lowcountry residents should take extra precaution to prevent weather-related illnesses and deaths.

News 2 has learned of three weather-related deaths in Dorchester County since the end of last year, the latest attributed in large part to heat.

The most recent death of a man in Summerville who had no air conditioning serves as a reminder that as temperatures rise, they can become deadly.

Dorchester County Coroner Paul Brouthers said that it is important to lend an extra hand to the elderly in any kind of severe weather.

“We like to think about not just the heat, but the extremes as far as weather. Last year we had an elderly female go out during the tropical storm. Got lost/disoriented and unfortunately passed away from being in the elements. We also had a lady who expired earlier this year from being in the extreme cold. Most recently we had a gentleman passed away from the heat.”

He encourages caregivers, friends, relatives, and neighbors to check in frequently and make sure they have appropriate resources. Something as simple as a fan can make a big difference as temperatures soar.

For those that live somewhere unequipped to withstand severe weather, Brouthers suggests bringing them into your home or getting them to a shelter.