New pay raise for Dorchester County teachers

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SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCBD) – In a few weeks, many teachers in Dorchester County will see a pay increase on their checks.

“It’s 1% on whatever their salary is. If they make 50,000 dollars, it could be 500 dollars gross spread over the rest of the year,” says Allyson Duke, Chief Financial Officer of the Dorchester County School District.

About 1700 teachers will be seeing this extra money in their September 30th paycheck.

“In Dorchester County our teachers are top-notch and we need to be able to pay them for that,” says Mary Rita Watson, a District Two Teacher.

 The school district believes that this extra income will help keep teachers in the district

“I have heard that there have been teachers that have said, I would really like to stay here but because of the pay I need to go to another district,” says Duke.

“We have had teachers leave and then come back if they can afford it but not everyone can afford it,” says Watson.

This is especially true for new teachers, just starting their career.

“The price of buying an apartment can be just about as much as buying a house for a young teacher,” says Duke.

For new teachers, the least expensive option may be commuting.

“If you move out into the rural areas, you’ll have to drive quite a distance. These teachers want to purchase houses and apartments that are close to where they work,” says Duke.

With this pay raise, the school district hopes to help teachers combat those financial burdens.

“It makes it easier for them because they get to see where the closest school is to their home. They also get to see what’s available for childcare. They can bring their children to work with them. All of these factors can go into their final decision when choosing a school,” says Joseph Pye, the Superintendent of School District Two.

In the long term, administrators hope to better education for the district.

For them, their goal is to make sure a financial struggle isn’t factored in a teachers decision.

Positions are still available for qualified school staff. For more information, click the link here

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