Smoke tests are performed in Dorchester County neighborhoods to check water and sewage systems

Dorchester County News

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCBD) – This afternoon, residents noticed smoke coming from the roofs of their neighbors homes.

At first, many were alarmed by the sight, until they found out what the cause was.

All year round, Dorchester County Water and Sewer perform smoke tests.

This involved putting a smoke machine into the manholes of the neighborhood to test the water and sewer system.

Managers say that they do this to determine leaks or cracks in the underground wastewater lines.

During the test, smoke will either rise from the ground or from the roofs of homeowners.

The water and sewer department says that smoke from the homes is a very good sign.

Residents are assured that during these smoke tests, managers want to see smoke from their homes. This means that everything is working well with their plumbing system.

When there are spots in the grass where smoke appears, managers have to go in and try and fix that problem. If they can’t, they will knock on the doors of residents to tell them to bring in a plumber.

As the departments check out each neighborhood, they say they will put up signs to alert homeowners a week in advance. If residents have any questions or concerns during these test, they are more than welcome to speak with the managers on-site or follow the link here.

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