SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCBD) – Authorities in Summerville are investigating several cases of mail fraud.

The Summerville Police Department said they have been dealing with more than 100 cases of potential fraud and scams so far this year. Some of these scams have been originating in your mailbox.

 “So far to date, since 2022, we’ve had 128 calls for service for frauds and 18 calls for service for forgeries,” explained Lt. Chris Hirsch with the Summerville Police Department.

Lt. Hirsch said many recent cases involved checks being placed in mailboxes to be picked up by the postal service. “People are coming through, they see the flag up in the mailbox so they know there is an item in there, and they’re taking mail out of the mailbox. Oftentimes inside these mailboxes are checks and they are being altered.”

He said sometimes the suspects may add an extra zero and then they cash them at the bank.

And we’re not talking about just small amounts of money.

“One case of recent, there was a check for over $17,000 and they were able to cash this check. It’s currently being investigated but there’s a lot that goes into it — it’s not as easy as people think to solve a case like this,” he explained.

There are ways to stay safe.

“If you need to mail a check you can always go to the post office and drop it off in the dropbox or try and catch the mail carrier as a driving through and handed directly to them,” he said. “If people ask or call you on the phone and say you’ve missed a light payment or an electric bill payment, they are never going to ask for payment via a gift card.”

He went on to say, “We’ve all been around and heard the scam of you won $1 million you need to do XY and Z- that scam has been going around forever and if it sounds too good to be true it probably is.”

If you’re suspicious that something might be a scam, call your local police department and they can help you out.