SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCBD) – A group in Summerville is working to improve relations between the community and law enforcement.

The Dignity Project is made up of community members, law enforcement, and local chaplains.

Leaders said the group was created following a large protest that was held in the Town of Summerville which came just days after a riot in Charleston in the spring of 2020.

“After the protest simmered down, our chief was asked to actually come and speak in front of the protesters. He talked about how it was good for them to have their constitutional right to protest, and it was a very peaceful protest and we talked about dignity,” explained Capt. Larry Johnson with Summerville Police Department.

Imam Bouris El-Idrissi with Coastal Crisis Chaplaincy said, “the importance of this project is to have a good relationship between the citizens and the police department.”

The group meets once a month to discuss issues facing the community.

“We kind of just make sure that we’re honoring each other. And were using what we call the three C’s, you know, mutual calm with each other, because topics do get crazy out there, and then cooperation and communication,” said Krystal Flowers.

“We really have deep-rooted conversations about race, about how it’s so important to have a great relationship with the community,” said Capt. Johnson.

They say this is making an impact.

“My husband and I have been able to have more conversations not just with ourselves, but with our friends and family members. And kind of spread that knowledge out,” said Flowers.

The Dignity Project is in the process of adding new members right now. If you would like to get in touch with the group, please email