SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCBD) – Some improvements could soon be on the way to areas along Highway 78 in Summerville.

Summerville Town Council is considering how they might spend nearly $25 million in tax increment financing to improve a special area in the middle of town.

Money would mainly be used in the midtown commercial district and toward the Brownsville community down Highway 78.

“The main purpose is to really revitalize the area. So that means improvements on roads, buildings, and it is also an incentive for businesses to make improvements as well,” Mary Edwards, Summerville’s public information officer.

The town would use bonds to be paid from future development taxes to do the following projects over the next three to four years: widening and extension of Maple Street, work on the coroner’s office and improvements at a school in the area. Cedar Street extension and some drainage and park improvements would be part of the project as well.

Katrina Schumacher and her husband bought a house in Summerville about a year and a half ago. She is especially looking forward to any possible additional park improvements.

“We love this area; we come sit out here with her babies and just hang out, walking trails on Sawmill Branch Trail, that we use around here would be awesome to have more like that,” she said.

While Summerville Town Council is discussing the plan, they will still have to vote on the proposal at some point in the future.