SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCBD) – A mother in Summerville is voicing her concerns after fight videos from Summerville High School were posted to an Instagram account.

Officials at the Summerville Police Department said they are investigating after videos, which appear to show students fighting at Summerville High, were recently discovered online.

“My son was actually in a fight at Summerville High School about a week ago,” the mom said. “All of that has led to what I found on Instagram.”

While the mom did not want to be identified on camera, she told News 2 that she discovered a number of fight videos from both Summerville High School and Ashley Ridge High School posted on Instagram pages.

“I guess I was stunned because my son, he was kind of nonchalant about it, I mean obviously he was very traumatized, but he said mom everyone does it. It’s normal. And when I spoke with employees from the school that’s what they told me- they do it all the time. They do it all the time.”

She brought the videos to the attention of the Summerville Police Department.

“We were made aware of this from this concerned parent. We appreciate that,” said Lt. Chris Hirsch with Summerville PD.

The department has three school resources officers which are stationed at Summerville High. Those officers will look at the videos to identify the students involved and ensure each fight has been investigated.

Dorchester District 2 told News 2 that it has a zero-tolerance policy for fighting.

“Every fight that happens throughout the school, at say Summerville High School, has been investigated, the ones we know about. They’ve been investigated and discipline has been issued to those deserving.”

The Dorchester 2 school district sent me a statement that says in part, “Schools across the country are facing the problem of students posting videos of altercations online. Social media networks have the sole authority to remove these videos.”

The Summerville mother said she hopes something can be done to prevent fights like this from happening as often in the future.

“I don’t think it’s just Dorchester District 2. Our teachers need more support. I don’t know the answer without a better understanding of the problem.”

Officials said if you are aware of a fight, you should let law enforcement know so that they can investigate.