SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCBD) – Katie’s Krops, a local nonprofit, is teaming up with the Summerville Police Department to ensure people in the community have the food they need.

Katie Stagliano founded the nonprofit in 2008 after growing a 40-pound cabbage which she donated to a soup kitchen.

“It helped to feed 275 people,” she said. “After seeing how many people that one cabbage could feed, I thought, imagine how many people an entire garden could feed.”

That experience at nine years old led to many years of growing food for people in need.

Katie worked with volunteers, including several Summerville police officers and K-9s, on several projects from building benches to digging for sweet potatoes. It’s part of their plan to grow closer ties to residents.

“We’re always looking to help the community and that’s what she’s about,” said officer Dante Ghi with Summerville PD. “And that’s what Summerville is about.”

In addition to donating produce, Katie also cooks a monthly drive-thru free dinner for those in need.  That need is growing right now.

“Last night at our meal distribution we actually ran out of meals. We served over 575 meals and did deliveries to those in the community and the need just continues to grow,” said Stagliano. “So, thank you to everyone who supported us.”

The food harvested on Friday is being delivered by Summerville Police to families in need. And Stagliano said the harvest was their biggest yet from the garden.

If you’re interested in helping Katie’s Krops, please click here.