SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCBD) – A student at Rollings Middle School on Thursday donated a set of hyper-realistic frog models to be used for classroom dissections.

SynFrogs are made by SynDaver, which produces “hyper-realistic synthetic human and animal surgical trainers.” The reusable models have lifelike forms and are filled with replica organs as well as a replica circulatory system.

They are meant to replace the more than 3,000,000 frogs that are dissected in science classrooms each year.

PETA says that the dissection of animals “fosters callousness toward animals, turns off some students from careers in science, and contributes to frogs’ declining populations in nature.”

Alayna Flaugher, the student who spearheaded the initiative, says that she feels dissecting real frogs is unnecessary. She hopes that once teachers realize SynFrog is a viable option for teaching the curriculum without using real frogs, SynFrog will become a permanent replacement.

If the school agrees to stop using real frogs altogether, PETA has agreed to donate more models to the school.

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