SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCBD) – Some residents in Summerville are concerned about a potential tax increase.

Town leaders say they are looking at a lower amount of revenue coming in for the 2023 budget versus what they said this year. So, they are working to make some adjustments within that budget to make sure they do not have to increase taxes.

“We’ll have a public hearing on that at the June council meeting,” explained Mary Edwards, Summerville public information officer. “This is something that we do every year before budget time. It’s really important for us that we have the public’s input.”

The town’s FY 2022 budget revenue brought in a little over $43 million. Right now, the town projects a little less than $41.5 million in revenue for FY 2023, a 3.64% drop.

If this deficit is addressed by a tax increase by raising the millage rate, it would go from 59.5 to 66.0.

“That’s what we have proposed right now. So staff and council are trying to find ways to get that number down by that vote in June- so we still have time to really look for other options,” said Edwards.

The town is working on its budget to find those other options.

“Right now, there is a millage increase and that could all change between now and the council meeting next month.”

The town council must pass a budget for 2023 by July 1st when the FY begins.

“Council is aware of everything going on right now when it comes to gas prices; when it comes to things at the grocery store, so the council is working really hard so that they can keep those taxes lower and really not have to make any major changes,” said Edwards.

A public hearing for this budget will take place on Thursday, June 9.