SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCBD) – Neighbors in Summerville are weighing in on a road project expected to ease congestion in a growing area of the town. Some say the early phases of the project are making things worse, but town officials say temporary road closures are unavoidable.

Tree-cutting, clearing and road work along Maple Street in Summerville have led to some extra delays for residents in the area. Some say they are frustrated by the tree-cutting and delays, while others say the completed project and expansion of Maple Street will be well worth the added headache.

“They need to expand the road,” says Summerville resident Donna Jensen. “That’s necessary now because of the infrastructure and the growth of Summerville.”

Jensen says since Nexton Parkway opened, traffic on Maple Street has become a larger nightmare than before.

“About 3:30 in the afternoon until about 7 pm, the traffic would back up about a mile on Maple,” says Jensen.

Neighbors say work on the project has created new delays and frustration over trees being removed along Maple Street. Jensen says she understands the frustration but sees the bigger picture.

The Town of Summerville’s Public Works Director, Russ Cornette, says the road closures and tree cutting are necessary steps in the early construction that should end this week. He hopes it will provide some short-term relief.

“We can’t have tree removal happening so close to the road where traffic is to give those motorists risk of something happening, so it’s more of a safety measure,” says Cornette.

Once complete, Maple Street will be four lanes between Shamrock drive and West Richardson Avenue to improve traffic. The project will be complete with safer sidewalks and improved drainage.

“It is just something that was needed,” says Jensen. “I’m excited for the people that travel this way on a normal basis.”

Construction on the project began in early March. Officials hope to have the project completed by March of 2025.