“I’m an emotional wreck right now” Group of pit bulls attack, kill family dogs in Summerville

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Warning: Some may find this story upsetting or disturbing

SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCBD) – A Summerville family is mourning the loss of their dogs after police say the pets were attacked and killed by a group of pit bulls over the weekend.

Officers with the Summerville Police Department responded to a home on Parkwood Drive after receiving a call about two dead dogs, according to an incident report.

The victim told police he had returned home to find his dogs dead on the back deck. Police say the dogs were covered in blood and had large open wounds on the backs of their necks.

A neighbor stated that he saw four grey pit bulls running down the victim’s driveway covered in blood.

“Ziva and Tony were our two little babies, house dogs,” said Dale Hostetter, owner of the dogs that were killed. “We would go to Home Depot or Lowe’s cause they could ride in the basket and go in the store; everybody had to stop and pet them, all the kids wanted to pet them, all they want to do is lick you and they loved the attention.”

Hostetter said he left the dogs in their fenced in back yard while they went to the store.

“We came back and my dogs were 100% mauled, tore up more than you could possibly imagine,” he said. “Of course, my wife just went crazy- when you see your dogs in pieces all over the deck.”

Ziva was found on the lower deck. Tony was upstairs.

“There are some stairs going up to the second story; the little boy dog ran up the stairs and he was killed up there,” Hostetter said. “I went over and asked my neighbor if he saw anything and he said ‘oh, my God we just had four large pit bulls come over here from your yard.’ They tried to kill his dogs, but fortunately, they were outside and shooed them away.”

Dorchester County Animal Control later located the four pit bulls responsible for the attack at the home of Cynthia Wright in Garden Acres, just across Central Avenue from Parkwood Drive.

The neighbor confirmed to Animal Control the four pit bulls were the same dogs who tried to attack his pets.

Hostetter said he can’t believe this has happened. “The emotion is… you just can’t imagine. You just can’t imagine. I’m an emotional wreck right now. My wife is worse. This happened Saturday. I haven’t eaten anything, I’ve slept a couple of hours.”

Hostetter said he buried Ziva and Tony at the back of their property. “People tell me ‘I know how you feel’ no, you don’t. You have no idea how I feel. If you lost a kid or grandkid or something, then you might… but these aren’t just family pets, these were family and there’s a big difference.”

Wright was told the dogs would be taken into custody.

The owner was given a court day for mid-May. The Animal Control Division is handling the investigation and charges.

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