Voter support and funding needed for Davis Bailey Park Project

Dorchester County News

ST. GEORGE, SC (WCBD) – Election day is just a few short weeks away for voters in Dorchester County.

This election season, residents will see two additional questions that will ask them to support education and/or recreation in the county.

If supported, homeowners in Dorchester County would pay an annual fee of 35 dollars to support each bond.

This would fund 30 million dollars for libraries and 38 million dollars for parks in the county.

One of the first parks to be funded is the Davis Bailey Park in St. George.

For nearly ten years, this plan for new recreation has been in the works

It’s been designed and permitted, however, it’s in need of funding.

If voters choose to support the parks in the county, the Davis Bailey Project would receive about 9 million dollars from that 38 million dollar park bond.

Two baseball fields, a basketball court and a recreation facility would be built on 18-20 acres of land.

For local parents, the project would elevate some worries that come from the children sharing one baseball field.

One local mom told news two that the kids would come home late at night on school nights because their games would run very late due to the limited space.

After hearing these concerns, the late Councilman Willie R. Davis and Councilman George Bailey worked together to come up with this project.

Despite his passing in 2018, the town of St. George is still very invested in this vision that Davis had to bring better recreation to St. George residents of all ages.

Until election day, they will be asking voters to see the benefit in this facility and what it would mean for their town.

If you’re interested in supported funding for this park in particular or others in the county, you can cast your vote for the bond on November 5th.

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