Dorchester County to recruit young poll workers

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Dorchester County is looking to get teenagers involved in the electoral process 

The county’s elections department is recruiting 16 and 17-year-olds to work as poll workers for the upcoming primaries in June.

A state law permits young people to work at polls across the state. It reads, “Sixteen- and seventeen-year-olds must serve under supervision of the chairman of the managers of the polling place, and their specific duties must be prescribed by the county board of voter registration and elections. One sixteen- or seventeen-year-old assistant poll manager may be appointed for every two regular poll managers appointed to work in any precinct.”
County officials say they need about 30 teens to work the polls. They’ll be assigned to check IDs, set up voting machines and help voters at the polls.
Officials are hoping this initiative can get more young people interested in elections before they’re even old enough to vote.
“When students get involved, they get, earlier on, a great understanding of why this is important and why people should be involved in the electoral process,” said Todd Billman, the Director of Elections for the county.
Poll workers will be paid about $135 for training and their involvement.

To sign up to work as a poll worker, visit the Dorchester County website or call the county’s Board of Voter Registration and Elections (843) 563-0132.

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