CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- After less than one month in jail, attorneys are seeking bond for a woman accused of drunkenly crashing into a couple just hours after their Folly Beach wedding last month.

Jamie Komoroski, 25, was charged with three counts of felony DUI resulting in great bodily injury and one count of vehicular homicide for the April 28 crash on East Ashley Avenue that killed a new bride and severely injured the groom and others members of the wedding party.

A motion filed by Komoroski’s attorneys on Friday argues that the woman poses no flight risk or danger to the community.

“The personal characteristics of Jamie Lee Komoroski, coupled with her strong family support and ties to the community, heavily counsel in favor of her release from custody,” the motion reads.

Attorneys paint Komoroski as an exceptional student with a tight-knit family bond and a passion for the service industry and babysitting.

“Jamie Lee Komoroski has never been convicted of any crime, has never been accused of perpetrating violence against anyone, has never been disciplined for even a school-related behavioral infraction, and has led a law-abiding life throughout her twenty-five years,” documents state.

The motion also states that Komoroski has struggled with alcohol dependence, depression, and anxiety for several years and has sought treatment for those issues, which attorneys say would continue if she were released.

Results from a toxicology test showed Komoroski’s blood alcohol content — taken at least an hour after the crash — was 0.261%. The legal limit is 0.08%, putting Komoroski at over three times the legal limit.

“Jamie, with the support of her family, is committed and prepared to engage in intense, inpatient substance abuse and mental health rehabilitation immediately upon her release,” the motion reads, noting that the family has already identified facilities in both South Carolina and Komoroski’s home state of New Jersey.

Her attorneys have asked that bond be set at $100,000, with the added conditions that she attend and successfully complete an inpatient rehabilitation program, remain supervised at her mother’s home in New Jersey, be under frequent phone reporting, and have no access to a vehicle or alcohol.

Komoroski was initially denied bond during a hearing on April 29.