Efforts to clean-up debris in your neighborhood

Local News

James Island, S.C. (WCBD) – The clean-up and recovery process continues in the Lowcountry.

The aftermath of Hurricane Dorian has left tree limbs, trash, and foliage scattered across yards and streets.

Now members of the community are asking when it will get picked up. Town of James Island Mayor Bill Woosley says while there is no deadline or a time when the cleanup efforts are expected to be finished, the process is underway.

The James Island Public Service District started picking up debris on Monday and will continue to pick it up regularly; residents should not expect the efforts to be finished in one week.

Mayor Woolsey says if you want to help the process run smoothly, you need to separate your debris. He explains, “Vegetative debris, branches and leaves, which is most of the debris, should be kept in a separate pile from man-made debris. Any broken boards or materials damaged in the storm should be put in a separate pile from the branches and the leaves and so on”.

Charleston County activated contractors to lend a helping hand. There were 15 spread throughout the county on Tuesday.

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