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  CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – A local woman has come up with a solution for plastic bags that saves the environment and helps people who are homeless. 

Judi Quimby and a group of volunteers cut up pieces of plastic bags from grocery stores  and crochet the pieces into mats that are given to people who need them.

Quimby says she saw a Facebook post of someone making the sleeping mats and knew this  was something she could do.

“I had 2 reactions my first was wow that is fabulous for the homeless people. And my second thought was a good way to use the plastic bags and they wont end up in the waterways,” Quimby said. 

Quimby does not balk at the idea that someone might call her a bag lady.  She says to make the sleeping mats, which are 3 feet by 4 feet, she needs about 500 bags. 


“I’ve been hoarding plastic bags i have a spare bedroom at home that is full of plastic bags and anybody i see i ask to save them for me,” Quimby said. 


She admits the mats are attractive.  In fact, at first glance they  appear to be crocheted with yarn. She says the fact that they can easily be washed or wiped off is a bonus.

“Not only good for insulation but it is washable,” Quimby said. 

Lisa Majgier, attends the First Baptist Church in the Old Village of Mt Pleasant. She picks up the mats from Quimby and other volunteers and passes them out once a month at a lot on Huger Street

“When I run out of mats, its like ‘You got any more mats. ‘I need another mat,” Quimby said. 

Majgier says she has given out dozens of mats. She says it is always interesting to see the way people will use them. 

“It is great for the elements because it is water proof. They wrap them around them. They sleep on them. People who do have apartments use them for rugs becasue their floors are torn up.”

Quimby say anyone can participate in the project. People can collect bags, cut the strips, roll the balls, or crochet the mats. Quimby works with volunteers from Daniel Pointe Community, Christ Our KIng Church, and First Baptist Church of Daniel Island.

If you would like to participate in the Plastic Mats of the Homeless Project you can contact Judi Quimby at remsmom00@yahoo.com

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