MT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – A Mount Pleasant family is fighting back against what they claim is an illegal grab by Charleston County and the Town of Mount Pleasant.

The Ballams family put up signs outside their home in the Six Mile community accusing the town and county of illegally taking their land.

The Ballams family said they have owned 10 acres of land there for over two centuries and are fighting to keep the property in their name and stop further development.

Henery Ballam, a family member who stays on the property, said the family has been fighting for their property’s rights for over three decades.

“30 years we tried to get the school bus to come down here and pick up our children .. nope can’t come it’s a private road we tried to get the post office to put mailboxes on this road nope we can’t come down it’s a private road … all these years it was considered a private road a developer brought a piece of property in the back and all of a sudden everyone is flip-flopping it’s a public road now,” said Ballam.

According to an October 7, 1986, Charleston County Council document, the council board granted property rights and road ownership to the Ballam family. Still, it’s being used as a public road. Now, they’re fighting to get the street they say is rightfully theirs officially recognized as private.

Diane Jefferson, a family resident, said the family will continue to fight for the family’s historical land and property.

“All we want to do is follow the same rules and have the same rules applied to others applied to us. I don’t want to make it sound like it’s everybody, but there’s a set of people in this state that has had a system in place for a long time, and they still operate under that system, “said Jefferson.

The Town of Mount Pleasant said they could not comment due to pending litigation.