NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Family members are remembering the lives of two sisters who were killed in a car crash involving a 12-year-old driver on July 1.

That underage driver crashed into the family’s car during a police pursuit with a North Charleston Police Officer. Family and friends say they want to honor the lives of their loved ones.

The 12-year-old crashed into the car of two sisters, Mary Alice Dent and Shamricka Latrice Dent on Dorchester Road and Michaux Parkway, killing them. An uncle of the two victims says he still can’t believe what happened.

“To be in that age and driving at that time of night, it’s ludicrous. For someone to even think about that. It’s nerve-wracking,” said Justice Allah, a family member.

He says the family will never look at Dorchester Road the same again.

“I am trying to be the rock for the family. I have been dealing with everything and getting everyone on the same page. I have no reason to come down Dorchester, I won’t come down Dorchester,” said Allah.

Both women were mothers with children as young as two years old. While the whole family is struggling Allah says the children are what keeps them going.

“Their mom, she is taking it hard. Their dad he’s holding fast. The kids are really the issue. That’s the issue we are all coming together to deal with,” he said.

Tomorrow there will be a balloon release and candlelight vigil for the victims at 4 p.m. at the North Charleston Community Resource Center.

The identity of the 12-year-old driver is unknown at this time.

News 2 reached out to North Charleston Police to see if there will be any charges against the underage driver. They say this is an ongoing investigation.