MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD)- A shrimper is recovering in the hospital after his boat caught on fire during a festival this weekend.

Captain Larry Cobb is a longtime fisherman in Charleston.

His son, Michael Cobb has been by his side for a lot of those years.

“He’s been doing this since 79,” Michael Cobb said.

However, what happened Sunday was a first.

“He’s had other issues with the boat, but not fires. And not one that gets away from you like this,” Micahel Cobb said.

Larry Cobb was headed to the Blessing of the Fleet festival when his shrimp boat went up in flames.

“He was by himself on the boat. From what he told me it happened fast. He tried 2 fire extinguishers, and it didn’t slow it down, it engulfed the boat,” Michael Cobb said.

Larry escaped the boat and was taken to MUSC for treatment.

He had surgery Monday.

“He has severe burns on his hands, the rest of him is in pretty good shape, they think he’s going to be fine,” Michael Cobb said.

Michael said the whole experience for him was traumatizing.

“When they brought me on sight by outboard, I didn’t see him and thought he was gone. Eventually I spotted him near the dock and was amazed,” Cobb said.

However, he says he’s been astonished by his dad’s resilience.

“The mans had 10 back surgeries. He doesn’t walk very well. He’s 78, he’ll be 79 this year. He doesn’t give up. He’s definitely a survivor,” Michael Cobb said.

Officials say they’re still not sure how the fire started, just that it started from the inside of the boat.

The fire is under investigation by the Coast Guard.