Fence removed after Summerville woman takes down Confederate flag

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A fence in Summerville, that was seen by some as a sign of community division for years, was taken down on Wednesday.

The fence was put up 2010 by neighbors after resident Annie Caddell started flying a Confederate flag outside her home in a predominantly black neighborhood.

Caddell said she was paying honor and tribute to her ancestors when flying the flag but it upset her neighbors.

For several years, relations were tense in the local community.

The flag was taken down by Caddell earlier this year after she suffered from a heart attack and said she wanted to make amends with those living nearby.

“Since that heart attack came by and taught me a little lesson about free will, and being in the will of God, I decided that I would rather be friends with my neighbor,” said Caddell.

Both she and community members agreed that since the flag was taken down, it was time for the fence around her home to come down as well.

“By taking this fence down for the community it shows that we as a community can grow together,” said Caddell. “We can resolve our differences in a manner that is befitting and becoming a community.”

Since the removal of the flag in February, neighbors told News 2 that their relationship with Caddell has greatly improved and many said that the removal of the fence was another step towards “unity in the community.”

“This is beautiful,” said Louis Smith, a local community activist. “This is a lot better than us fighting and yelling and calling each other names.

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