CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – If you choose waffles over pancakes today is your day to celebrate. It’s National Waffle Day and waffle lovers around the world are welcome to join in on the big celebration!

Whether it’s for breakfast, lunch, dinner, (or even dessert), the pastry-like dish that is often made from leavened batter, is easy to make and can include an array of different toppings and styles.

Here are five places where you can grab a sweet or savory waffle in the Lowcountry to get your fix on National Waffle Day:

Chubby Fish – 252 Coming St, Charleston, SC

It’s not exactly a waffle, but it will catch your eye if you see it on the menu. Found in the section called ‘Life Raft Treats’ is a dessert called ‘Not Fried Chicken’ and its name says it all. Even though it looks exactly like a fried chicken drumstick, the dessert is instead filled with waffle ice cream and a chocolate cookie “bone” with a sweet and crunchy exterior. You can purchase the dessert off the menu for $6.

Flying Biscuit Café – 794 Coleman Blvd, Mt Pleasant, SC

If you’re looking for a good place to get breakfast or brunch, their menu is loaded with lots of options to choose from. You can order the Waffle Breakfast that comes with 2 eggs, 2 chicken sage sausage patties, creamy dreamy grits, and a homemade waffle served with a fluffy flying biscuit all for $12.99. If you’re looking for something a little more savory you can order their Chicken & Waffles. The homemade waffle is topped with crispy buttermilk chicken and is priced at $9.99. Lastly, on their menu for waffles, is the Dirty Bird. The order comes with a house-made golden waffle and is topped with crispy buttermilk chicken tenders, two over-medium eggs, and chicken and sausage gravy all for $11.99. The cool thing about the restaurant is that they celebrate waffle Wednesday on their menu every week and you can score a deal of purchasing the Chicken & Waffle for only $5 and the Dirty Bird for $7.

Millers All Day – 120 King St, Charleston, SC

If you’re looking for a variety of flavors to choose from this restaurant has got you covered! The menu includes a list of options ranging from bananas, sorghum, caramel, or meringue and it will only cost you $12.

Off Track Ice Cream – 6 Beaufain St, Charleston, SC

Waffle cones still count as waffles, right? Everything is made from scratch in-house at the ice cream shop. There are two types of ice cream you can choose from when visiting the shop: traditional and vegan, but it’s their waffle cones that make it that much better if you choose to steer away from scooping it into a cup. Prices vary depending on how many scoops of ice cream you purchase.

Sweet Belgium – 424 King St, Charleston, SC

There’s no topping this place! The restaurant sells homemade and authentic waffles. You can choose to eat your waffle plain or douse it in a variety of flavors and toppings. The entire menu is dedicated to building your own waffles. You can add sprinkles, marshmallows, sauces, syrup, crumbles, nuts, spreads, ice cream, and (were not done, yet) fruits! Described as the new donut… you can also order them in to-go boxes, glazed in flavors of the day. Prices range depending on what toppings you choose to put on your waffles and how many you choose to order.

Honorable mention: Waffle House – nearly everywhere

What would National Waffle Day be without mentioning Waffle House? The restaurant is known for its waffles. You can choose from classic, pecan, chocolate chip, or peanut butter chip waffles on the menu. The restaurant mentioned on its Twitter page that although today is a great day, an even greater week is coming. Waffle House mentioned its birthday is on September 5th and will be celebrating September 6th through the 10th on social media.