CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Still a young man in his own right, Bobby Ruff is now tasked with finding young men that fit at Liberty University.

“Our job is really to evaluate every player we can. From high school; juco, transfer portal. Really to try to find the best of the best of the best,” said West Ashley native Bobby Ruff.

The West Ashley High alum is the new assistant director of player personnel with the Flames.

According to his high school head coach Bobby Marion, Ruff has always had that coach’s mindset.

“He was always wanting to know the gameplan, wanting to know what we were going to do and how we were going to attack the other team defensively,” said Marion.

You may recall, Bobby, the son of The Citadel legend Brian Ruff chose to attend Charleston Southern.

He was recruited by then head coach Jamey Chadwell.

Over Christmas Chadwell brought bobby on board again, this time at Liberty.

“Just the fact that he took the time out of his day to call me and wanted me to work for him. I mean it just meant the world. Him just being a mentor to me. It would be very, very, very stupid to turn that down,” said Ruff.

The relationship Ruff and Chadwell forged and maintained went a long way as Bobby forges his own path in the game he loves.

“I think the biggest thing I’ve learned is just positive interactions go a long way. Always find a way to have a positive interaction with someone because you never know where they’re going to be, what kind of phone call you’re going to have to make or vice versa.”

Bobby Ruff will be busy on his phone with national signing day looming next Wednesday

Bobby Marion is not surprised by his former linebacker’s new role and coaching success.

“I’ve coached at three of the major high schools around here now and Bobby’s one of the finest guys, finest players, and finest people that I’ve coached over the years,” exclaimed Marion.

Trading in his Bucs blue and gold for Liberty red make time some adjusting.

But just like with his new job, it may end up being a perfect fit.