GEORGETOWN, S.C. (WCBD) – Georgetown County Government on Friday provided an update on a recent cyber hack that destroyed the county’s network.

According to a press release, the hack was traced to an email sent to the county that was described as “a very sophisticated attempt to gain access to the county network.” Experts said it was “something most people would have mistaken for being a legitimate email.”

The criminals behind the hack demanded a ransom, which the county refused to pay. They are now in the process of rebuilding their entire system.

Currently, access to email has been restored for about half of the county staff, with “restoration…taking place based on a prioritized list.”

IT staff are working to get the full network up and running again, and make security improvements to prevent future hacks.

According to the county, “there is no evidence that private information, including that belonging to employees or taxpayers, was compromised.”