Georgetown County discusses the future of the Highway 17 Corridor

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GEORGETOWN COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Georgetown County is conducting three different studies to address traffic, land, and developmental concerns of the area.

The studies specifically relate to the Waccamaw Neck of Highway 17 in Georgetown. When planning for the future development of the area, Boyd Johnson says that traffic must be considered.

“If you come to the Waccamaw Neck you’re going to hear two things; concerns about traffic and concerns about drainage and storm water,” says Johnson.

Residents on Tuesday were able to share their concerns with the development of Georgetown County at a public workshop. Different interactive stations let attendees vote on what they wanted to see more or less of in the Highway 17 Corridor.

Many of the concerns related to traffic; speeding, better turning lanes, and finding a way to divert traffic congestion.

“All it takes is one fender-bender near Georgetown,” says Johnson. “This is the only way in and out of the Waccamaw Neck. Not long ago the traffic backed up for over 9 miles.”

Another station was dedicated to monetary spending. Attendees were given $5 of play money that could be “spent” in different pots. The pots were labeled with different ways the money could be allocated in the county.

Johnson says that this workshop is a good way for community members to express their concerns and ideas for Georgetown County. However, no actual “voting” took place tonight.

“At the end of the day county council has to vote whether to adopt the study or not.” says Johnson. He claims that in the past projects have came to fruition because of studies like these.

Moving forward, Georgetown County hopes to continue involving the community in the development of the Highway 17 Corridor. They plan to have additional workshops similar to Tuesday night’s in the future.

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