GEORGETOWN, S.C. (WCBD) – Georgetown County on Tuesday released the first drafts of proposed County Council district maps redrawn based on new census numbers.

Districts are required to be redrawn every 10 years to align with changing populations.

The 2020 census revealed a population increase of 5.4% within the district, as well as an increase of the minority population, which now sits at 30% of the total population.

The South Carolina Office of Revenue and Fiscal Affairs guided Georgetown county through the process, focusing on the following areas:

• The requirement of “one person, one vote” under the Equal Protection clause
of the 14th Amendment
• The Voting Rights Act
• Traditional redistricting principals
• Input from Council members
• Other applicable court decisions and federal and state laws

Map 1

According to Georgetown County, the first map was created using overall population, “which reduced the voting age population of two of the three majority minority districts.” Map 1 “minimizes as many changes as possible” and took into account “natural boundaries… to reduce the burden on voters and voting precincts.” If adopted as is, 11 voting precincts would be affected.

Map 2

Map 2 took only voting age population into consideration, which resulted in three majority minority districts. Georgetown County said that “trying to reduce the number of impacts was a significant challenge,” mostly “due to the compactness of the minority population.” If adopted as is, 17 voting precincts would be affected.

A second reading on the maps is scheduled for January 11, followed by a third reading and public hearing on January 28.