GEORGETOWN COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – A mother whose child attends Georgetown High School is upset about questions her son was asked on a recent quiz.

The mom, Miranda Weston, said she believes the questions, which involved racial and political issues, were inappropriate.

“He actually texted it to me,” she said. “He was taking a quiz on October 20.”

Weston’s son is a senior at Georgetown High School. He was concerned about the nature of some of the questions on a Political Typology Quiz. The questions asked students to choose from several answers.

The question reads: Which of the following statements comes closest to your view?

One response said “Racial discrimination is the main reason why many Black people can’t get out ahead these days” and the second read “Black people who can’t get ahead in this country are mostly responsible for their own condition.”

“Where do you git in the political typology? Are you a core conservative, a solid liberal, or somewhere in between,” Weston read from the quiz.

She said it goes on to answer other questions, including if they believe homosexuality should be accepted or discouraged by society.

“Pick the answer that comes closest to your view, even if it isn’t exactly right. That’s coercion.”

Weston told the teacher, the principal and the superintendent about her concerns. She wants the teacher fired.

“He is coercing children to change their views about many things this does not pertain to the subject at hand, econ and government,” she said.

News 2 spoke to officials with the Georgetown County School District who provided the following statement. “This is a personnel matter that is being investigated and will be followed up on accordingly.”

Editor’s note: Pew Research Center says its political typology survey is a long-running study that sorts voters into cohesive groups based on their attitudes and values, rather than their partisan labels.

“In this way, it aims to “go beyond red vs blue” and provides a field guide to the changing political landscape,” the website says.

Pew Research says of its quiz, you may find some of the questions are difficult to answer. “For example, you may partly agree with both statements, or feel that neither quite describes your view. That’s OK. In those cases, pick the answer that comes closest to your view, even if it isn’t exactly right.”

You can view and take the same quiz as reported on in the story above by visiting or click here.