GEORGETOWN COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – A teenager was arrested at Waccamaw High School last month after authorities said she showed fellow high school students a video depicting a sex act with another juvenile.

According to an incident report from the Georgetown County Sheriff’s Office, the school’s principal met with the school resource officer after learning that the 15-year-old female showed three students a video – taken about a year ago – of a teenage girl performing oral sex on a teenage boy while they were in middle school.

The video was allegedly made at Carvers Bay High School.

While attempting to discuss the matter with the student, the teen became uncooperative with administrators and denied possessing the video or showing to it anyone; however, school cameras show the teen holding her phone screen up to other students.

The phone was confiscated by law enforcement.

Officials say the student became increasingly more aggressive, threatened to kill herself, and assaulted the school resource officer.

She was eventually taken to Waccamaw Hospital for a mental health evaluation. She faces charges connected to possessing pornography, exploiting children, and possessing/concealing.