SC Cares animal rescue sanctuary to close

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GEORGETOWN, SC (WBTW) – A local animal sanctuary is closing and looking for other sanctuaries to take their remaining animals.

Skip Yeager says SC Cares Animal Sanctuary in Georgetown is closing because of damage from Hurricane Matthew and not enough donations to their nonprofit to support the animals. He also cited issues such as health and stress making it difficult to maintain the sanctuary without help.

The organization helps about 140 animals on average.  It has been operated by Yeager and Cindy Hedrick.

Yeager says he found a sanctuary for some big birds and tortoises in Pennsylvania, and some smaller birds are going to a sanctuary in Georgia. He also found a place for three white-tail deer. Smaller mammals will be going to North Carolina.

However, he is still looking for sanctuaries to take:

  • 4 horses
  • 3 miniature pot-bellied pigs
  • 2 feral pigs
  • 3 feral dogs
  • some rabbits
  • sugar gliders
  • ferrets
  • a goat with a blood-borne illness that must be quarantined

The sanctuaries will not adopt the animals out to people. They are only looking for other sanctuaries to take the animals.

Yeager stresses that animal breeders and pet owners need to be more responsible. He says people get animals as pets before realizing they can’t handle them long-term.

For contact information, visit the SC Cares website or Facebook page.

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