What should be done with dilapidated houses in the City of Georgetown?

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GEORGETOWN COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – The City of Georgetown is looking to change the way they handled dilapidated houses, of which these eyesores can pose health hazards.

Georgetown City Council is looking to streamline the process of either getting dilapidated properties repaired or demolished.

“Some of our council members are concerned about dilapidated houses in the City of Georgetown,” said Sandra Yúdice, Georgetown City Administrator.

They say they pose several problems. “They have expressed those concerns because, more than a nuisance, some of these properties are becoming a threat to our health and public safety.”

Right now, it is taking 8 to 10 months to get a dilapidated property through the system in Georgetown. There are some things the city cannot control that takes some time.

“That is because we have to be in compliance with the state requirements. There are several steps that municipalities need to take for this due process.”

Those requirements have to be met; however, the one thing that the city can control is an ordinance that currently gives property owners 18 months to resolve issues. 

“Instead of being 18 months for a permit to either renovate, repair, or demolish the house, we are seeking consensus from counsel if we can shorten that period from 18 to 6 months.”

They discussed the issue during a council meeting Thursday afternoon. They hope this will result in homes being repaired or demolished quicker.

“The sooner we address those issues the better will be able to provide a quality of life for our residents.”

Thursday’s meeting is just the first formal step involving council. The next step will be to turn the issue over to the planning commission before it may be sent to council for an official vote.

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