MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – Large black and white murals of animals and hang across a fence off Riffle Range Road in Mount Pleasant. It’s how one Lowcountry artist says she’s finding new and creative ways to showcase her work.

“My intention was just to make something fun to make people feel good and have something silly,” says Gretta Kruesi, the artist of “Larger Than Life” murals.

Kruesi made her canvas a privacy fence putting together 16-foot-tall murals.

“I wanted to imagine instead of it being an 8-foot tall fence, what if we pretended if it was something smaller, and played with it in a ‘Alice in Wonderland’ kind of way,” says Kruesi.

Kruesi and the Town of Mount Pleasant’s Cultural Arts and Pride Commission have worked together to put up murals of dogs, children, and a kitten on a fence in Liberty Hill Farm to add to the multiple murals, paintings and artwork around town.

“We want to try to spread these installations out all over town as much as possible,” says Nicole Harvey, Special Events Manager for the Town of Mount Pleasant.

Kruesi was motivated to make these murals from her own personal experiences and wanted to use this artwork to inspire the community.

“This past year was such a tricky year for everybody. I just wanted to make something that was fun playful and silly, but Riffle Range is unexpected and that’s the part that makes it fun,” says Kruesi.

The Town of Mount Pleasant says artwork showcased around town like Kruesi’s is to help grow the cultural arts program and to benefit the community.

“Anything we can do to make our town unique and special, we want to do. We want anything we can do to make our town happy,” says Harvey.