Goose Creek couple relives engagement on ‘TODAY’

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Together for the moment, Airman Antwaun Snipe and Domminique Salley had the chance to relive the moment they decided to be together forever on the TODAY show.

As a member of the Air Force, Snipe took a chance and applied for the opportunity to propose to his girlfriend on the court at the US Open at the beginning of the month.

“Never in a million years did I think that I was going to get chosen,” said Snipe. “Got on the phone with them the next day and the first thing they said was you’re our guy, and I fell to the floor and was like, WOW.”

Domminique was sent to NYC under different pretenses, so when she saw Snipe she had a million questions.

“When I saw him I was first trying to figure out how he got here, that was my first question,” said Salley. “How long are you staying, how did this happen, because it had been months since the last time I saw him.”

The couple met at Goose Creek High School and became good friends. It wasn’t until they lost touch briefly when Snipe joined the Air Force that they realized they belonged together.

Snipe says he came home for a gospel concert in 2014 and that’s where they say God intervened.

“Across the park I hear, ANTWAUN, and that’s when we met up and of course it was history ever since,” recalled Snipe.

They haven’t set a date yet, but Domminique says they are hoping for a Spring wedding.

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