CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Ranky Tanky has made history by winning a Grammy and performing virtually at this years inauguration. Today’s ceremony highlighted those in the band and their accomplishments.

State Representative Wendall Gilliard says despite COVID-19 delaying the resolution ceremony, he’s elated that he can now present the award in hand.

“COVID-19 has test, and tried us, but we have what we would call an escapism and that’s good music. This band does not just have good musicians or vocals, but they are excellent and I would like to call all of them geniuses,” Gilliard says.

Trumpeter Charlton Singleton .. says the band is proud to stand on their heritage and their Grammy win wasn’t a win just for them.

“That win, that Grammy win, was not just a win about the five of us, but it was a village win,” Singleton says.

The band says the love and energy they have gotten from across the state and the Lowcountry is the reason they are able to make music.

“It’s because of that energy that we were able to do the things that we do as a unit,” he says.

Singleton says the bands takes honor of this award and and appreciates the state holding them to such high expectations.

“We are very appreciative of this honor and we are very appreciative of all of the love and support that everyone has given us over the years. Again as individuals and as Ranky Tanky,” he says.

Gilliard says the point of today was to show the band how proud the state and the Charleston community is of them.