Hands across the sand: Locals protest offshore drilling at Folly Beach

Local News

FOLLY BEACH, S.C. (WCBD) – Officials and local citizens standing hand-in-hand at Folly Beach saying “no” to drilling off the Atlantic coast.

This is just one of many “Hands Across the Sand” demonstrations that took place today on beaches around the globe. 

Participants at the Folly Beach demonstration say that they oppose President Trump’s proposed plan to open ninety percent of the U.S. coastal waterways to oil and gas drilling. 

The Charleston area organizer for the event, Samantha Siegel, Senior Southeast Organizer of Oceana, says that our coastline is not compatible with offshore drilling.

“We would have to build refineries and industrialize our coast. Our coast is dominated by resort development, fishing, recreation, tourism—so its really just too much to lose,” Siegel said.

Senator Chip Campsen, S.C. District 43, joined those protesting, speaking out about the negative effects of drilling off our coast.

“It requires much of the coastline to be industrialized; a lot of people don’t realize that. There is no place on South Carolina’s coast for that. That level of industrialization would destroy property values, destroy the tourism industry, destroy the great natural resources we have protected,” Campsen said.

Pushing for anti-offshore drilling legislation at the national level, Congressman Joe Cunningham also joined hands with locals in solidarity.

“I think anyone who sees this view understands how important it is to be able to protect our beaches and preserve them so that my son Boone and my children and future generations can enjoy the same thing that we’re out here enjoying today,” Cunningham said.

The locals say they never want to see offshore drilling rigs off our coastline. 

“We do not need oil rigs coming in here and splashing our kids with oil,” said local resident, Kimberly Meier.

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