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CHARLESTON, SC (WCBD) – The busiest travel day of the year is the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. And many people choose to drive to their destination. 

With so many people on the road, its especially important to stay safe. Macon Rudisill of Lowcountry 911 Driving School has some tips before you go on how to stay safe:

 Check your tire pressure: When the weather changes, causing dips in the temperature or unexpected snow, so does the pressure in your car’s tires. This can create potentially hazardous driving conditions when the roads already may be icy or slick. Keep a portable tire pressure gauge in your car and check your tires before every winter drive.
·      Pack a winter survival car kit: You never know when bad weather can hit and leave you stranded in your car. Some common items to keep in your car include non-perishable food items, kitty litter or sand for traction when stuck, emergency blankets, first-aid kits, flashlights, water bottles, phone chargers and snow shovels.
·      Keep the gas tank half-full: Make sure that your gas tank is at least half-full at all times during the winter season. In the event your car gets stuck or stranded, keeping your gas tank as far from empty as possible will ensure you have a source of heat in emergency situations.
·      Tell someone your driving plans: In the event you have to venture out during a storm or hazardous driving conditions, be sure to tell a relative, friend or coworker know your destination and your expected arrival time. 

Rudisill says that one of the main causes of accidents once you hit the road is distracted driving. He says the best way to combat distracted driving is not being distracted yourself, assuming everyone else is distracted and being a defensive driver, ready to react to whatever goes on around you.

For more tips check out the video above. For more information on 911 Driving School visit: 

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