How to avoid a hike on your electric bill while staying cool this summer

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MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – It is hot, it is humid, and that extreme heat is not going anywhere anytime soon. We’re looking at ways to help you stay cool while also avoiding a big hike on your next electric bill.

“The triple-digit heat index is still ahead of us; the dog days of summer are still ahead of us here in the Lowcountry. So, let’s start with one of those big things you can do around the home first and that is managing your thermostat.”

Paul Fischer Dominion Energy Spokesperson

Keeping your thermostat at a higher level

“On an annual basis, heating and cooling represent about 50 percent of the average residential bill, some months more, some months less, but about 50-percent. We recommend setting it about 78 degrees, now that raises a few eyebrows and it may be a little warm for some folks, but we recommend increasing the thermostat 2 degrees at a time. For every 2 degrees, you increase that number upwards in the summer month, you can see about 14-percent savings on your bill. So that in conjunction with having ceiling fans blowing downward in the summer months, raising that thermostat every 2 degrees, those savings can really add up.”

Paul Fischer Dominion Energy Spokesperson

Servicing your heating and cooling system

“Having the unit serviced at least annually, at least once a year, to make sure that it is running efficiently. Some folks say they like to have it done in the spring and in the fall just to get that tune-up. Really the keys to that, a quick trip to the hardware store for a few dollars are those heating and air conditioning filters. Make sure those filters are changed out.”

Paul Fischer Dominion Energy Spokesperson

“We recommend as a reminder to change them, maybe every time that energy bill comes in the mail take a look at those filters. If they are dirty, replace them. It’s all about airflow. The more airflow you can get through your unit, the better your unit will work.”

Paul Fischer Dominion Energy Spokesperson

Keeping your house tight. What does that mean?

“Keeping the house tight, another quick trip to the hardware store. We are talking about weather stripping, a tube of caulk, very low-cost options, and really just an inspection around the home, doors, windows, looking at the home from the outside and the inside for any of those gaps where you might be losing energy.”

Paul Fischer Dominion Energy Spokesperson

Programs to help bring down electric costs

“Should a heating or cooling system fail, or you are just looking to make an upgrade, we have rebates available up to $500 dollars that customers can receive on qualified, energy efficient air conditioning and heat pump unit.”

Paul Fischer Dominion Energy Spokesperson

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