How to Save Yourself When You’re Alone

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Charleston, S.C. (WCBD)-  All week long were bringing you tips on how to save yourself when you’re alone.

News 2’s Temple Ricke spoke with Dr. Matt Blue, an emergency room physician at Roper St. Francis to learn what to do if you accidently cut yourself.

Dr. Blue says the first step is to try and keep a level head, “You need to not throw your hands in the air and yell and scream or panic”.

To treat the wound, you should start by applying direct pressure to the cut and if you have a tourniquet, apply it 2-3 inches above the affected area. 

Dr. Blue says trying to stop a bleed in anyway you know how could be essential in saving your life or one of your limbs. “If all you have is a dirty t-shirt or dirty handkerchief, that’s better than no pressure dressing at all. If you don’t have a tourniquet but you have a belt, applying that appropriately and quickly is better than nothing”.

He goes on to explains that feeling lightheaded is likely a consequence of not liking the sight of blood or the pain you may be experiencing. In this situation, you should put yourself in a position where you aren’t at risk of hurting yourself if you fall or pass out ans seek the help of experts who can assist you.

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