How to Tackle Spring Cleaning Part II

Local News

Mount Pleasant, S.C. (WCBD)-  When it comes to spring cleaning, Amy Kay suggests dedicating four hours of your weekend to different areas in your home. The professional organizer says this is a good amount of time to stay motivated without getting burnt out.

To stay on task, she recommends having a plan to keep the kids busy, “I often suggest that if momma is doing the cleaning, then dad takes the kids out for a few hours because the more you can stay focused, the more you’ll accomplish”.

Amy goes on to say that her daughter has been a big help when it comes to organizing and donating her clothes. The pair will sort clothes that don’t fit or won’t be worn again, and put them in a donation bag for others to enjoy. Kay says this is more fulfilling than throwing things away.

If you’re having trouble organizing your space, don’t worry! There are professional organizers who can help. These pros are able to provide you with a written plan, or come into your home to offer hands-on assistance. The added benefit is that in many cases, they will take the items you don’t want and drop them off at donation site.

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