NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – North Charleston will soon roll out state-of-the-art technology to monitor every part of the city.

According to North Charleston Police Department (NCPD) Deputy Chief Ken Hagge, the city is set to receive 745 new security cameras, on top of the current 120.

“This is going to be one way we can contradict what’s going on in the community because we got to get it under control,” said Jerome Heyward, a North Charleston City Council Member.  

The cameras are part of a larger project called the Joint Operations Center. The cameras will be linked to a software system that will give officials even more capabilities. This will include an Automated License Plate Retrieval System and facial recognition.

Citizens and businesses can also register their personal security cameras to allow police access. The software can also connect to North Charleston social media, giving users automatic updates of incidents such as car crashes.

Eventually, this technology will be housed in North Charleston City Hall where it will be manned by two people 24-hours a day.

“24-7 someone will be in there monitoring those cameras. Directing patrols, directing detectives, directing citizens. It’s just going to be incredible,” said Hagge.

According to Hagge, North Charleston is the first city in South Carolina to implement this kind of tech.  

“This is going to do more than scratch the surface, this is going to keep the citizens safe, the officers safe and it’s going to reduce crime and it’s going to make us more proactive,” explained the Deputy Chief.

City officials recently approved this project. Hagge said once they receive the funds from the city, the cameras will be purchased and will take about 4 months to install. As of right now, there is no timeline for the Center.